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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Bitter Champagne; Chapter 10, Studillac to Saratoga.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bond have an appointment at 3.30 pm?
(a) The House of Diamonds
(b) Scotts
(c) Diamonds are Forever
(d) Harrods

2. Who does M have to meet at the yard?
(a) Vallance
(b) Usinov
(c) Formby
(d) Davis

3. Where does Bond want to take Bill out for lunch?
(a) The Ritz
(b) Browns
(c) Scotts
(d) Rubies

4. Where does the road sign say to stop at?
(a) Lottamore
(b) Sagamore
(c) Motoga
(d) Homeville

5. What does the Chief of Staff's office overlook?
(a) Trafalgor Square
(b) Hyde Park
(c) Tower Bridge
(d) Regent's Park

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does M the carriers probably hand the diamonds over to?

2. Where is the House of Diamonds located in Paris?

3. What is the man waiting for?

4. Where do Bond and Leiter go for a drink?

5. What does Bond say he got out of his meeting with Saye?

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