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Chapter 1, The Pipe Line Opens

• An unnamed man waits in the African desert for a helicopter.

• The man has been using his job as a dentist to steal raw, uncut diamonds from a diamond mine.
• The man says he want to ask for more money from his employer, but due to his employers caution he is afraid his employer will turn him down.

• The helicopter arrives and the man talks to the pilot.
• The man tries to convince the helicopter pilot that he deserves a payrise.

• The pilot does not seem impressed with the man's request, but he promises to pass on the message.

• The pilot leaves the man, promising to come back in a month.

Chapter 2, Gem Quality; and Chapter 3, Hot Ice

• M calls Bond to his office to give him his new assignment.

• M tells Bond that someone has been smuggling diamond in and out of...

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