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Short Answer Questions

1. Besides Cressida's wealth, what else do Cressida's sisters covet?

2. Cressida's relationship with Poppas had potential for _______________.

3. Besides Cressida, what was a common element in the demeanor of Cressida's siblings?

4. How do Carrie and Cressida first meet?

5. At what do Cressida's sisters marvel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator say about Poppas's talents?

2. What are some facts which Cressida learns about Bouchalka on her Sunday gathering? Is there anything in what Cressida relates to Carrie about Bouchalka that seems to foreshadow the eventual failure of his marriage to Cressida?

3. What happens that causes Cressida to become flustered?

4. Why do you think the sisters seem to tolerate Poppas?

5. Could Cressida be characterized as a musical genius? Explain your answer.

6. As time passes, he appears that Bouchalka has no ambition and has not done any composing for quite some time. What is a possible reason for this?

7. Do you think any of the men who drive down to hear the names truly cares about Cressida's death?

8. When Carrie is watching the four men who are at the reading of the survivor's names from the Titanic, she muses to herself wondering if Cressida would actually return to those men sitting there is she could. Do you think Cressida would return to these men if she could?

9. Of what does nights like the one Cressida and Carrie are enjoying at Central Park remind Cressida?

10. How do Cressida's sisters act about what they receive?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Family relationships are a recurrent theme throughout this story. In Cressida's case, she seems to have a fairly parasitic relationship with her family members. Choose one of the following topics and write a well-developed essay using detailed examples from the book and from your own life experience:

1. How much obligation does a person have to their parents? Siblings? Other family members? Explain your answers using specific examples.

2. For a child who is raised in an abusive home (whether sexual, verbal, or physical or some combination thereof), it seems that child as an adult often responds to his/her family in one of two ways: 1. S/he continues to try to "please" the abuser and others who allowed the abuse or (2.) They reject the abuser and those associated with the abuser and have nothing further to do with them. Are either of these responses healthy? How do you think you would respond? Explains in as far as you are comfortable. What is a possible compromise to these two extremes?

3. Why do you believe Cressida allows her family and husbands to take such outrageous advantage of her? Would you do so in her situation?

4. How would you treat your family members were you very wealthy if they were of the ilk that Cressida's family is? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

One of the first characters encountered in the story is a man by the name of Miletus Poppas. Poppas plays a significant role in Cressida's life. In fact, Cressida attributes her success solely to this man. Answer the following questions in a well-developed essay using detailed examples from the book and from your life experience:

1. Briefly describe both the physical and emotional characteristics of Poppas.

2. Give examples from the story as to whether you believe Poppas was sincere in his love and admiration for Cressida.

3. After Cressida's death, Poppas receives a bequest of $50,000. Do you believe Poppas deserves this bequest? What does it say about the family in that they contest this bequest?

Essay Topic 3

While Carrie and Cressida are chatting, Cressida says, "'It may mean that I still belong to the future more than to

the past, do you think?'" Knowing that Cressida's future turns out to be a watery grave on the bottom of the ocean, this passage could be considered an example of irony. Answer the following questions in a well-developed essay using detailed examples from the book and from your own life experience:

1. Define the word irony and give examples of it from your own life.

2. How does the use of irony enhance this story and literature in general?

3. There is a literary term called "dramatic irony." Define this term and see if you can find any instances of it in this story. Can you name other books or movies where you have encountered a dramatic ironic situation?

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