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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cressida confide to Carrie concerning Cressida's fortune?
(a) As much as Cressida has tried to use her fortune to make others happy, it only makes her life more difficult.
(b) That Jerome has tripled her fortune.
(c) That the end of it is almost there.
(d) That Cressida does not tell Jerome about the bulk of her fortune, which is in a Swiss bank account.

2. How does Cressida realize she is recognized in the restaurant?
(a) The maitre'd brings a bottle of wine to the table from another customer.
(b) Several people nod and wave at Cressida.
(c) The orchestra conductor asks Cressida to sing.
(d) Given the flourish with which the music begins, Cressida realizes that they have been recognized.

3. What does Bouchalka do when he is twenty-one?
(a) Marries a German peasant girl.
(b) Joins a gypsy band and plays throughout Austria.
(c) Plays with the Paris Metro Opera.
(d) Takes vows as a monk.

4. How does the title of this story figure in in this part of the reading of the letters?
(a) That Cressida is cherished as precious as a diamond by her family.
(b) That Cressida is a diamond among coal.
(c) That Cressida's fortune resides mainly in some diamond mines in South Africa.
(d) Carrie thinks that the family merely saw Cressida as a diamond mine to be exploited.

5. What about Jerome Brown does Cressida feel fortunate?
(a) That he is not using her money in his investment schemes.
(b) That he loves her.
(c) That he is at least extraordinarily good looking.
(d) That he gets along well with Poppas.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Cressida take Bouchalka aside to converse with him?

2. Why is the violin player rummaging through a pile of papers?

3. As Cressida makes ready to marry Bouchalka, what does she do?

4. Why does Cressida go to England?

5. Why does Cressida want Carrie to come to Cressida's house on Sunday?

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