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Lisi Harrison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Conner accuse a photographer of doing?
(a) Photoshopping Conner's photo.
(b) Not taking enough pictures.
(c) Making him look like a loser.
(d) Making Conner look fat.

2. What does Abby tell Claire about Conner?
(a) Conner's brother is even cuter.
(b) Conner is afraid of snakes.
(c) Abby thinks that Conner has a crush on Claire.
(d) Conner is half Japanese.

3. After the audition, what are Massie and Alicia doing in their hotel suite?
(a) They are celebrating their victory.
(b) They are jumping on the beds.
(c) They are packing their things to go home.
(d) They are making prank calls to the front desk.

4. How does Claire's fight with Massie and Alicia end?
(a) Claire begs them for forgiveness.
(b) Massie locks herself in the bathroom.
(c) Claire finally starts laughing at herself.
(d) Alicia goes home alone.

5. What does the puppy do at Conner's house?
(a) He chases Conner's cat around the yard.
(b) He pees on the couch.
(c) He barks at a noise in the bushes.
(d) He jumps up on the counter and eats the pizza.

6. At Conner's house, who lets Massie and Alicia in?
(a) The girls let themselves in.
(b) Conner's mother.
(c) Conner's sister.
(d) The butler, Jeeves.

7. What is Massie doing in her magazine photo?
(a) Picking her swimsuit out of her butt.
(b) Mowing the lawn.
(c) Eating a sandwich.
(d) Posing like a movie star.

8. What makes Massie nervous in the makeup trailer?
(a) She does not have time to go to the bathroom.
(b) She will be on live TV in front of millions of people.
(c) She worries that Rupert will know that she lied to him.
(d) She is not very good at putting on makeup.

9. Why does Massie stay in LA?
(a) She wants to live there for her entire life.
(b) To report behind the scenes on the movie.
(c) Massie's parents are getting a divorce.
(d) There is not enough money for airfare.

10. Where does Claire sleep in the hotel suite?
(a) She sleeps on an air mattress.
(b) She sleeps on the couch.
(c) She sleeps on the floor.
(d) She gets the king-sized bed.

11. What advice does Conner ask Claire?
(a) What type of flowers do girls like best?
(b) How does she cry so realistically?
(c) What should he get his mom for her birthday?
(d) What is the best route back to the hotel?

12. Who did Cam go to the dance with?
(a) Alicia
(b) Claire's little brother.
(c) Dylan
(d) Kristen

13. What magazine features pictures of the characters?
(a) "American Girl."
(b) "Cosmo Girl."
(c) "Tiger Beat."
(d) "Us Weekly."

14. How does Claire look after shooting a scene?
(a) She is wearing a black wig.
(b) She is covered with soot.
(c) She looks like a fashion model.
(d) Her face is blotchy and red from crying.

15. Who will be Conner's date to the wrap party?
(a) He will not have a date.
(b) Massie and Alicia.
(c) Claire.
(d) Dylan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does "The Daily Grind" want to replace Massie and Alicia?

2. What does Claire ask Abby about friendship?

3. What do Abby and Claire have for dinner?

4. What does Massie refuse to let Claire steal from her?

5. Who interviews Abby and Claire?

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