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Lisi Harrison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Massie's friends all come over to her house after the studio visit?
(a) Her friends feel sorry for her because her grandmother died.
(b) They all want to swim in her pool.
(c) Massie is having a sleepover.
(d) Massie needs help cleaning the house.

2. Why does Claire doubt herself?
(a) She does not think that she is actress material.
(b) She has trouble remembering which hotel suite they are staying in.
(c) She only brought two outfits.
(d) She has trouble speaking English.

3. Who does Massie have a crush on?
(a) Massie has a crush on Todd.
(b) Massie has a crush on John Lennon.
(c) Massie has a crush on Derrington.
(d) Massie has a crush on Isaac.

4. What plans do Massie and Alicia make for when they get back?
(a) They will do whatever they have to to get readmitted to their school.
(b) They will go to Temple on Friday night.
(c) They will clean Alicia's house.
(d) They want to go to the movies with the boys.

5. Who is Claire's crush?
(a) Claire has a crush on Justin Bieber.
(b) Claire has a crush on Massie's dad.
(c) Claire has a crush on the Jonas Brothers.
(d) Claire has a crush on Cam Fisher.

6. What will Kristen's parents not allow her to do?
(a) Kristen is not allowed to use any curse words, ever.
(b) Kristen is not allowed to go to LA.
(c) Kristen is not allowed to wear bright colors.
(d) Kristen is not allowed to go to the mall.

7. Why is Claire worried about going to LA?
(a) She is afraid of flying.
(b) She thinks that Massie is just waiting for an opportunity to humiliate her.
(c) She will miss the boy that she has a crush on.
(d) She hates California.

8. Why does Massie make fun of Claire?
(a) Claire has hairy legs.
(b) Claire accidentally spits milk all over the place.
(c) Claire can't swim.
(d) Claire has never been in such a warm climate before.

9. What delays the girls leaving to go to "The Daily Grind"?
(a) Massie throws a temper tantrum.
(b) Claire's mother changes her mind about letting Claire go.
(c) Claire's little brother is hiding.
(d) The car won't start.

10. Why does Massie write an email newsletter?
(a) Massie wants to be a writer.
(b) She is so bored from being expelled.
(c) Massie wants to tell everyone about her illness.
(d) She wants to make sure that people at school don't forget about the Pretty Committee.

11. Where do the girls like to spend their free time?
(a) The girls exercise and prepare to join the ROTC.
(b) The girls are always studying at the library.
(c) The girls like to volunteer helping out the homeless.
(d) The girls spend most of their time at the mall.

12. What pictures does Claire put into the newsletter?
(a) She uses three different pictures of Massie.
(b) Claire uses photos of Massie's family's mansion.
(c) She puts a picture of each different girl.
(d) She uses her own drawings, since she is a good artist.

13. What kind of clothes does Claire wear while she is in LA?
(a) Only Ralph Lauren clothing.
(b) Claire dresses modestly and conservatively.
(c) She mainly just wears a bathing suit because she swims most of the time.
(d) Claire has to wear a school uniform.

14. What does Claire ask Emma?
(a) Claire asks Emma for change for a dollar.
(b) Claire asks Emma to tell them about the movie role.
(c) Claire asks Emma why everything is taking so long.
(d) Claire asks Emma to take her to the mall.

15. What are "C-notes"?
(a) Love notes that Cam sends to Claire.
(b) Massie's notes from Chemistry class.
(c) The middle school girls' singing group.
(d) Middle C, high C, and low C, as well as C#.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Claire and Massie's mothers pretend about Rupert?

2. What creates a connection between Abby and Kristen?

3. What message does a boy send to Claire?

4. What is "Dial L for Loser"?

5. What lie does Massie tell to Emma?

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