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Lisi Harrison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Massie write an email newsletter?
(a) Massie wants to tell everyone about her illness.
(b) Massie wants to be a writer.
(c) She is so bored from being expelled.
(d) She wants to make sure that people at school don't forget about the Pretty Committee.

2. What does Claire look like when she auditions?
(a) She wears an evening gown to get Rupert's attention.
(b) She starts to get pale and sweaty.
(c) Her shorts are stained and she has a bad haircut.
(d) She looks like a typical Hollywood actress.

3. What pictures does Claire put into the newsletter?
(a) She puts a picture of each different girl.
(b) Claire uses photos of Massie's family's mansion.
(c) She uses three different pictures of Massie.
(d) She uses her own drawings, since she is a good artist.

4. What will Kristen's parents not allow her to do?
(a) Kristen is not allowed to go to the mall.
(b) Kristen is not allowed to use any curse words, ever.
(c) Kristen is not allowed to go to LA.
(d) Kristen is not allowed to wear bright colors.

5. How do Massie and Claire butter up their parents?
(a) They promise to do lots of chores.
(b) They bring them lemonade and sandwiches.
(c) They give their parents a backrub.
(d) The girls take a bath and wear conservative, clean clothing.

6. What would Claire miss about New York?
(a) She misses the hot dogs from street vendors.
(b) She misses the Statue of Liberty.
(c) She misses Cam Fisher.
(d) She misses going running every day in Central Park.

7. What did Abby and Hadley's stylist say about them?
(a) Hadley's boyfriend cheated on her with Abby.
(b) Abby and Hadley both wear wigs on camera.
(c) They are the cutest stars she has ever worked with.
(d) They are not as cool as they think they are.

8. What delays the girls leaving to go to "The Daily Grind"?
(a) Claire's little brother is hiding.
(b) The car won't start.
(c) Claire's mother changes her mind about letting Claire go.
(d) Massie throws a temper tantrum.

9. What does Claire ask Emma?
(a) Claire asks Emma for change for a dollar.
(b) Claire asks Emma to take her to the mall.
(c) Claire asks Emma to tell them about the movie role.
(d) Claire asks Emma why everything is taking so long.

10. What do the girls do while they wait for Rupert Mann?
(a) They rehearse their lines together.
(b) They look through his CD collection.
(c) They play with his Oscar statuette.
(d) They rearrange the objects on his desk.

11. What lie does Massie tell to Emma?
(a) She says that she lost her purse in the car.
(b) She claims to be 16.
(c) She says that she is from Canada.
(d) What lie does Massie tell to Emma?

12. Why is Claire worried about going to LA?
(a) She hates California.
(b) She is afraid of flying.
(c) She will miss the boy that she has a crush on.
(d) She thinks that Massie is just waiting for an opportunity to humiliate her.

13. Where does Claire live?
(a) Claire lives in a small apartment with her grandmother.
(b) Claire lives in France.
(c) Claire lives in Chicago, Illinois.
(d) Claire lives with her family in Massie's family's guest house.

14. What was Massie doing at the salon?
(a) Massie was trying to sell candy bars for a fundraiser.
(b) Massie was having her hair done.
(c) Massie was waiting for her mother, who works at the salon.
(d) Massie was trying to learn how to cut hair.

15. What is Layne doing to help the other girls?
(a) Layne is making cookies for her friends.
(b) Layne is knitting sweaters for each girl.
(c) Layne is staging a protest for their benefit.
(d) Layne is spreading rumors that Claire is secretly a princess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Massie's room filled with?

2. What are "C-notes"?

3. What do the main characters of the book call themselves?

4. What are the conditions that the mothers stipulate for the girls to be allowed to go to LA?

5. What is the airplane bathroom like?

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