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Lisi Harrison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why have the girls been expelled?
(a) One of the girls called in a bomb threat as a prank.
(b) The girls burned down part of the school.
(c) Massie ran away with a boy, and her friends went after her.
(d) The school principal hates the girls, and unfairly accused them of stealing money.

2. What pictures does Claire put into the newsletter?
(a) She uses three different pictures of Massie.
(b) Claire uses photos of Massie's family's mansion.
(c) She puts a picture of each different girl.
(d) She uses her own drawings, since she is a good artist.

3. What is the airplane bathroom like?
(a) It is cramped and small.
(b) It is filthy.
(c) All the water is dyed blue--even in the sink.
(d) The walls are two way mirrors.

4. What kind of clothes does Claire wear while she is in LA?
(a) Claire has to wear a school uniform.
(b) Claire dresses modestly and conservatively.
(c) Only Ralph Lauren clothing.
(d) She mainly just wears a bathing suit because she swims most of the time.

5. To whom does Claire send a message?
(a) Rupert
(b) Derrington
(c) Cam
(d) Todd

6. What does Claire do when she meets Conner?
(a) She runs to the bathroom.
(b) She starts choking on water.
(c) She spills her soda on him.
(d) She tells him that she is his biggest fan.

7. How will the girls get back to the hotel after the audition?
(a) Isaac gives them a ride.
(b) They will take a cable car.
(c) They will walk because it is only a few blocks away.
(d) Claire arranges a ride for them with Stella.

8. How are the girls going to get to California?
(a) They will take a steamer boat.
(b) They get to take Gelding Studios' private jet.
(c) They are all driving in the Range Rover.
(d) They will take a Greyhound bus.

9. Who is staying behind in New York?
(a) Kristen and Dylan.
(b) Claire and her mom.
(c) Alicia.
(d) Massie and her puppy.

10. What does Massie do while Claire prepares sandwiches?
(a) Massie helps Claire with the sandwiches.
(b) Massie takes a shower.
(c) Massie eats the sandwiches as soon as they are made, so Claire has to keep making more.
(d) Massie paints her toenails.

11. How do the girls get around?
(a) The girls take the bus if they have enough money for bus fare.
(b) The girls are grounded and can't go anywhere.
(c) The girls ride their bikes around town.
(d) Isaac, Massie's family's driver, drives them in the Range Rover.

12. What plans do Massie and Alicia make for when they get back?
(a) They will clean Alicia's house.
(b) They will go to Temple on Friday night.
(c) They will do whatever they have to to get readmitted to their school.
(d) They want to go to the movies with the boys.

13. Why did Claire's family stay in a hotel?
(a) Their roof was being fixed.
(b) They couldn't stand being around Massie's family.
(c) They like staying in hotels because it makes them feel posh.
(d) Their house burned down.

14. What does Claire ask Emma?
(a) Claire asks Emma why everything is taking so long.
(b) Claire asks Emma for change for a dollar.
(c) Claire asks Emma to tell them about the movie role.
(d) Claire asks Emma to take her to the mall.

15. What did Dylan lose in the studio bathroom?
(a) Dylan lost her address book.
(b) Dylan lost her sense of balance.
(c) Dylan lost her camera.
(d) Dylan lost her purse.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the receptionist at New York City Village Studios treat Massie?

2. What prank does Massie do while waiting for the script?

3. How does Todd get home from the studio?

4. What is "Dial L for Loser"?

5. What do the girls do while they wait for Rupert Mann?

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