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Lisi Harrison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the entire studio find out Abby's secret?
(a) Abby told Todd everything, and he told everyone else.
(b) The host for the show had her microphone on while she was in the bathroom.
(c) Abby's mother called in and asked if Abby was ready for her doctor appointment.
(d) Abby didn't realize that she was in front of a two way mirror.

2. Why does Claire doubt herself?
(a) She does not think that she is actress material.
(b) She has trouble speaking English.
(c) She only brought two outfits.
(d) She has trouble remembering which hotel suite they are staying in.

3. What are Todd, Hadley, and Abby doing together?
(a) They are giving each other massages.
(b) They are exchanging gifts for Christmas.
(c) They are arguing over who is more famous.
(d) They are having a picnic in the studio yard.

4. Who is Claire's crush?
(a) Claire has a crush on Massie's dad.
(b) Claire has a crush on Justin Bieber.
(c) Claire has a crush on the Jonas Brothers.
(d) Claire has a crush on Cam Fisher.

5. Why do the mothers go to Rodeo Drive?
(a) They want to see a movie.
(b) They got lost.
(c) It is on the way to the studio.
(d) Rupert wants the girls on the movie set alone, without their parents.

6. What does Claire do when she meets Conner?
(a) She tells him that she is his biggest fan.
(b) She spills her soda on him.
(c) She starts choking on water.
(d) She runs to the bathroom.

7. How are the girls going to get to California?
(a) They will take a Greyhound bus.
(b) They get to take Gelding Studios' private jet.
(c) They will take a steamer boat.
(d) They are all driving in the Range Rover.

8. Why do guys bond with Kristen?
(a) Kristen's dad teaches at their school.
(b) They think at first that she is a boy.
(c) They are all immigrants from Barbados.
(d) She plays soccer, and they are on their school's soccer team.

9. What is Layne doing to help the other girls?
(a) Layne is knitting sweaters for each girl.
(b) Layne is staging a protest for their benefit.
(c) Layne is spreading rumors that Claire is secretly a princess.
(d) Layne is making cookies for her friends.

10. Where does Claire live?
(a) Claire lives in a small apartment with her grandmother.
(b) Claire lives with her family in Massie's family's guest house.
(c) Claire lives in Chicago, Illinois.
(d) Claire lives in France.

11. What sort of diet is Dylan on?
(a) Dylan eats bran flakes.
(b) Dylan eats junk food constantly.
(c) Dylan is a vegetarian, so she doesn't eat meat.
(d) Dylan is lactose intolerant.

12. What kind of clothes does Claire wear while she is in LA?
(a) Claire dresses modestly and conservatively.
(b) Claire has to wear a school uniform.
(c) She mainly just wears a bathing suit because she swims most of the time.
(d) Only Ralph Lauren clothing.

13. Where does the book begin?
(a) The girls are at Starbucks in the Westchester Mall.
(b) The book begins in Los Angeles.
(c) The book begins in Kristen's bedroom.
(d) The book begins in an airplane bathroom.

14. What do the girls do while they wait for Rupert Mann?
(a) They look through his CD collection.
(b) They rearrange the objects on his desk.
(c) They play with his Oscar statuette.
(d) They rehearse their lines together.

15. Who is staying behind in New York?
(a) Massie and her puppy.
(b) Claire and her mom.
(c) Alicia.
(d) Kristen and Dylan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plans do Massie and Alicia make for when they get back?

2. What do the main characters of the book call themselves?

3. What does Cam attach to his notes?

4. Why do Massie's friends all come over to her house after the studio visit?

5. What is the airplane bathroom like?

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