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Lisi Harrison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cam attach to his notes?
(a) Cam attaches stickers all over his notes.
(b) Cam attaches gummy worms to his notes.
(c) Cam attaches dead bugs to his notes.
(d) Cam attaches sheet music to popular songs to his notes.

2. Why does Massie write an email newsletter?
(a) Massie wants to tell everyone about her illness.
(b) Massie wants to be a writer.
(c) She is so bored from being expelled.
(d) She wants to make sure that people at school don't forget about the Pretty Committee.

3. When the girls first get to the studio, what are they given one hour to do?
(a) Eat lunch.
(b) Learn their lines for the audition.
(c) Work out so they won't be flabby.
(d) Put on their makeup.

4. How does Alicia's audition go?
(a) Rupert spills coffee all over her.
(b) Alicia is so embarrassed that she wets her pants.
(c) Rupert says she is too pretty for the role.
(d) She is perfect for the role and gets the part.

5. What are Todd, Hadley, and Abby doing together?
(a) They are exchanging gifts for Christmas.
(b) They are arguing over who is more famous.
(c) They are giving each other massages.
(d) They are having a picnic in the studio yard.

6. What is special about Claire's shoes?
(a) Claire is finally allowed to wear high heels.
(b) She is wearing the same Keds as Hadley.
(c) Claire wears special, prescription orthopedic shoes for her scoliosis.
(d) Claire is wearing antique shoes.

7. What does Layne's sign say?
(a) Layne's sign reads, "Save the Lyons."
(b) Layne's sign reads, "Keep Your Pets Out Of My School!"
(c) Layne's sign reads, "Death to Massie."
(d) Layne's sign reads, "I Love NY."

8. Where does Claire live?
(a) Claire lives in Chicago, Illinois.
(b) Claire lives in France.
(c) Claire lives in a small apartment with her grandmother.
(d) Claire lives with her family in Massie's family's guest house.

9. Where does Claire find Todd at the studio?
(a) Todd is taking a nap on the couch.
(b) Todd is hiding in a stall in the Ladies bathroom.
(c) Todd is in the Green Room.
(d) Todd is hiding under the stairs.

10. What is Massie's room filled with?
(a) There are gift baskets, stuffed animals, and flowers from their school friends.
(b) Massie has to share a room with her little sisters, so there are bunk beds.
(c) Massie has so many clothes she can barely walk through her room.
(d) Massie has to stay out of her room because it is filled with Carbon Monoxide gas.

11. What kind of clothes does Claire wear while she is in LA?
(a) She mainly just wears a bathing suit because she swims most of the time.
(b) Claire dresses modestly and conservatively.
(c) Claire has to wear a school uniform.
(d) Only Ralph Lauren clothing.

12. Why do the girls want to be dropped off at school?
(a) The girls want to spy on what is going on in their absence.
(b) The girls want to say "hi" to all of their favorite teachers.
(c) The school is walking distance from the girls' houses.
(d) The girls miss all of their school friends.

13. What pictures does Claire put into the newsletter?
(a) She uses three different pictures of Massie.
(b) She uses her own drawings, since she is a good artist.
(c) She puts a picture of each different girl.
(d) Claire uses photos of Massie's family's mansion.

14. What object does Rupert hold up when he is on TV?
(a) A diamond ring for Massie.
(b) An old T shirt.
(c) Massie's cell phone.
(d) Claire's hat, which she left behind.

15. Who is staying behind in New York?
(a) Claire and her mom.
(b) Alicia.
(c) Massie and her puppy.
(d) Kristen and Dylan.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the girls get around?

2. How does the receptionist at New York City Village Studios treat Massie?

3. How does Massie's audition go?

4. How does Todd get home from the studio?

5. What did Dylan lose in the studio bathroom?

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