Objects & Places from Dial L for Loser: A Clique Novel

Lisi Harrison
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Westchester, New York

This is the town where the members of the Pretty Committee live and go to school.

Massie's Purple Stone Covered Cell Phone

This is left behind at "The Daily Grind," and the movie director holds it up in front of the camera while he is on TV.

Le Baccarat

This is the hotel where the girls stay while they are in California.

Octavian Day School (OCD)

This is the school that the Pretty Committee got expelled from.

Gelding Studios

This is where the movie, "Dial L for Loser," is filmed.

Gelding Studio's Private Jet

This is where the bathroom has mirrors on the outside and clear glass on the inside.

Us Weekly Magazine

This publication printed embarrassing photos of the girls.

Block Estate Pool House

This is where the surprise party is held at the end of the novel.

Comp Boxes

These are given to...

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