Dial L for Loser: A Clique Novel Fun Activities

Lisi Harrison
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Cut up magazines

The characters learned that the story told through magazine photos is not always the real story. Cut out magazine pictures and glue them to paper to illustrate the events from the book.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen wrote novels featuring many female characters, scheming about social status. Read a novel by Jane Austen, or watch a movie based on one of her novels, and write a paragraph comparing and contrasting it to "Dial L for Loser."


Write one scene for the movie screenplay of "Dial L for Loser" (the movie featured in the novel, not the movie version of the novel). You may even want to include direction for camera angles and lighting.

Party Invitation

Make an invitation to one of the parties in the novel. Remember, you want to convince people to attend, so decorate the invitation to go with the party theme.


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