Dial L for Loser: A Clique Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lisi Harrison
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Essay Topic 1

Denouement is the way that a story winds down at the end. While the climax is the turning point, after the climax, the reader wants to know what happens to the characters in the aftermath of the climax. Describe the denouement for Claire & Cam, for the movie "Dial L for Loser," and for the Pretty Committee as a group.

Essay Topic 2

Since this series is named after cliques, cliques are clearly an important theme for each book.

1. In this novel, do cliques seem to be good or bad? Is the Pretty Committee a valuable support network, or is it a burden to its members? Does the Pretty Committee's structure help its members, or hurt them?

2. Is it better to be part of a clique, or unaffiliated? Why are the various cliques so competitive with one another? Would you consider Layne to be a member of the...

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