Dial L for Loser: A Clique Novel Character Descriptions

Lisi Harrison
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Massie Block

This character is the leader of the Pretty Committee.

Claire Lyons

This character lives in Westchester and gets the female lead in "Dial L For Loser."

Kristen Gregory

This character plays soccer and writes an essay for the school board.

Alicia Rivera

This character is told that she is too pretty to play the "Loser" in "Dial L For Loser."

Dylan Marvil

This character is not allowed to audition because her gossip caused one of the movie stars to refuse to be in the movie.

Kendra Block

This mother says that her daughter can do whatever she wants if it is educational.

Judi Lyons

This is the mother of one of the girls, and she is excited about the studio jet because she is not very wealthy.


This character likes to go around without a shirt on.

Cam Fisher

This character gives notes with gummy...

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