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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI, pgs. 503-551.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose address does Lanya give Kidd?
(a) Roger Calkins.
(b) George Harrison.
(c) Lanya's.
(d) Tak.

2. To what does she let the children listen everyday?
(a) An old record she has.
(b) Her recorded voice.
(c) A television show from the 1950s.
(d) A recording of her playing the harmonica.

3. When Mr. Richards arrives home, who is still with Mrs. Richards?
(a) June and Kidd.
(b) Madame Brown and Kidd.
(c) Only Kidd.
(d) No one.

4. What does Tak ask of Kidd that flatters Kidd?
(a) To help him get a date to his party.
(b) To go on a trip with him.
(c) He asks Kidd to sign his book.
(d) If he will write a poem for Tak.

5. Who offers Kid a job cleaning apartments at the Labry Apartments?
(a) Calkins.
(b) Tak.
(c) Lanya.
(d) Madame Brown.

Short Answer Questions

1. The next day, when Lanya, Kidd, and the scorpions go outside, what do they notice?

2. Kidd and Lanya's relationship has turned into what?

3. Why does Tak Loufer give the main character the name Kidd?

4. When Lanya arrives, what does she wish to give back to Kidd?

5. What does Captain Kamp, a former member of the space program, think he saw in the sky?

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