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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI, pgs. 594-651.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter V, what does the reader continue to wonder?
(a) Where Bellona is located in the US.
(b) How these people came to Bellona.
(c) All of the answers are correct.
(d) What has happened to Bellona.

2. How does Mrs, Richards try to keep up appearances and thus become delusional?
(a) She cannot use the internet to understand what has happened.
(b) She pretends she will entertain her husband's business associates.
(c) She acts as though all her old friends are still in the neighborhood.
(d) She refuses to read current news articles.

3. Who does June Richards turn out to be?
(a) A sad girl who is lost in life.
(b) A mean girl with malicious intent.
(c) The girl who will win Kidd's heart.
(d) The girl who George Harrison is seen raping in pictures.

4. What unfortunate event happens at the party?
(a) Lanya has sex with someone else.
(b) A fight breaks out.
(c) A fire starts.
(d) Someone is killed.

5. When Lanya arrives, what does she wish to give back to Kidd?
(a) His book of poems and writings.
(b) His orchid.
(c) Love poems he wrote to her.
(d) His favorite book.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the way to the party, who does Kidd stop to pick up?

2. Why is Kidd upset while on the job?

3. What are most Bellonians, including the scorpions, completely lacking?

4. Why does Lanya become upset with the rest of the scorpions?

5. What does Kidd begin to think?

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