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Lesson 1 (from Chapter I, pgs. 1-54)


As the novel begins, the reader is introduced to an interesting world of a man that who cannot remember who he is. Throughout the novel, Kidd struggles with memory and the feeling of going insane. He wakes up near Bellona unsure of who he is where he is, only knowing that he needs to go to Bellona. The "woman" who Kidd meets does not know Kidd and only confuses him more. Amnesia is an interesting mental disorder that can create a lot of chaos but set up an interesting main character for a novel such as Dhalgren.


1. Part I: With the rest of the class, make a list of things that we currently know about the man who will later be named Kidd.

Part II: Do you think he is lying about what he knows? Does Kidd have any reason to lie?

2. Research different kinds...

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