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Superhero adventure

Using your previous superhero, create an adventure. Draw a comic book reel to go along with the story you are telling.


Create a 3D model of a supernova.

- Include notes about what causes a supernova to occur.

- Present your model to the rest of the class and describe what part of the supernova you chose to create.

Alternate Universe

In a way Bellona is its own alternate universe.

Create your own alternate universe. Consider:

- What would be different in your universe?

- What would be the same?

7UP - Dhalgren

The teacher must pick 5 people to stand in front of the classroom.

Have the rest of the class sit in their seats, with their heads down. Everyone should put up one thumb. "Heads down, thumbs up."

Then ask a true or false question concerning the story.

If you think the answer is...

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