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Essay Topic 1

Although it may seem as though it is not a theme, many characters are subjected to fear. Examine the following characters and analyze how they deal with their emotional, physical, and psychological fear throughout the book:

- Kidd

- Mrs. Richards

- June

- Tak

Essay Topic 2

1. Symbolism is heavily used throughout the novel. Pick three different symbols and analyze them.

2. Next, describe and discuss how Kidd comes into contact with these symbols in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

1. Discuss whether you think that foreshadowing can be used in a novel with a circular structure.

2. If you agree, how is this helpful in possibly understanding Delany's work?

3. Find three examples of foreshadowing in the novel.

Essay Topic 4

Delany's Dhalgren is thought to be one of the best Science Fiction books of the 1970s and 1980s. Consider what thematic elements classify this book as Science Fiction.

1. How does...

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