Dhalgren Character Descriptions

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This person has no memory at the beginning of the book. He has been released from a mental hospital and goes to Bellona. He begins to love writing poetry.

Tak Loufer

This character is a gay, young black man who meets the amnesiac on a street in Bellona. He gives him a name when he discovers the young man has been in a mental hospital and doesn't know his name.

Lanya Colson

This character begins a school for children in Bellona. She begins a relationship with two people in the novel.

Madame Edna Brown

This person is a vacationing psychologist whom Kidd meets at the bar.

Ernest Newboy

This character is a famous poet who visits Bellona and stays at the house of Calkins.


This person is a member of the scorpions. He is gay but becomes involved in threesomes with a male and female character...

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