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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gives Easy a ride home from John’s Place in Chapter 11?
(a) Odell Jones.
(b) Joppy.
(c) Junior Fornay.
(d) Mr. Albright.

2. Which of the two policemen that approach Easy in Chapter 10 is described as “tall and skinny”?
(a) Miller.
(b) Moore.
(c) Mason.
(d) Mitchell.

3. Which of the two policemen that approach Easy in Chapter 10 is described as “my height and three times my girth”?
(a) Miller.
(b) Mason.
(c) Moore.
(d) Mitchell.

4. When Easy visits Mr. Albright’s office in Chapter 3, he is initially flustered by the security guard he first encounters because he is what?
(a) Black.
(b) Hispanic.
(c) White.
(d) Asian.

5. Why is Easy unhappy about going to Santa Monica at night in Chapter 8?
(a) It is a highly religious community.
(b) It is an all-black community.
(c) It is a white community.
(d) It is a Hispanic community.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does Mr. Albright give to Easy in Chapter 15?

2. How much money does a white man offer to Easy to help him get into John’s Place in Chapter 4?

3. Where is Junior Fornay from originally?

4. What is the name of Mouse’s stepfather whom he killed?

5. What is the name of Mouse’s son that he mentions in his letter in Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. From what narrative point of view is the story related? What is notable about this style?

2. What is revealed in Mouse’s letter to Easy in Chapter 7? How does Easy respond to the letter?

3. What does the character of Mouse represent symbolically in Devil in a Blue Dress?

4. What are Easy Rawlins’s impressions of DeWitt Albright in Chapters 1 and 2?

5. What does Easy dream about in Chapter 12? What does his dream signify?

6. What aspect of Easy’s character is revealed through his interactions with Coretta in Chapter 6?

7. How are the two policemen described that Easy encounters in Chapter 10?

8. What does Easy (and the reader) learn from Junior Fornay in Chapter 4?

9. What Biblical allusion can be seen in Chapter 3?

10. What do Easy’s actions in Chapter 15 indicate about his character growth?

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