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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Easy recalls in Chapter 14 that the first time his inner voice spoke to him during the war, it suggested that he kill a sniper with what?
(a) A grenade.
(b) His bare hands.
(c) A flame thrower.
(d) His bayonet.

2. When did the Battle of the Bulge begin?
(a) June 7, 1943.
(b) December 16, 1944.
(c) May 29, 1944.
(d) November 2, 1943.

3. What kind of car does Easy find parked outside his house when he returns home in the beginning of Chapter 15?
(a) A pink Studebaker.
(b) A brown Lincoln.
(c) A black Ford.
(d) A white Cadillac.

4. What is the brand name on the cigarette stub that Easy shows to Junior in Chapter 23?
(a) Riviera.
(b) Zapata.
(c) Diaz.
(d) Hernandez.

5. Who is with Mr. Albright at Easy’s home when he arrives in Chapter 15?
(a) Manny and Shariff.
(b) Jackson and Dupree.
(c) Reese and Lenny.
(d) Darcel and Henry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Mr. Albright made for himself to drink while waiting for Easy to arrive at home in Chapter 15?

2. What address does Easy tell Mr. Albright that Daphne is likely at with another man in Chapter 8?

3. How much money does Mr. Albright give to Easy in Chapter 15?

4. Throughout his interactions with Mr. Albright, Easy’s inner voice tells him to do what in Chapter 15?

5. Why is Easy unhappy about going to Santa Monica at night in Chapter 8?

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