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Marble Bar

Joppy inherited this object within his establishment from his uncle.

Fruit Trees

Easy Rawlins has personal pride in this flora that surrounds his small house.

Wild Turkey

This is the brand name of the liquor that DeWitt Albright keeps on his office desk.

Photograph of Daphne Monet

DeWitt Albright gives this object to Easy Rawlins to help him in his first case for Albright.

John's Place

This is the name of a former speakeasy located at Central Avenue and Eighty-ninth Place.

Brown Suitcase

This object holds thirty thousand dollars that Daphne stole from Todd Carter’s residence.


This large black object is carried by Mouse at all times and represents his capacity for violence.

When Easy goes at night to meet Albright at this location, he encounters trouble from a group of white teenagers.

Mexican Cigarette

This object is...

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