Devil in a Blue Dress Character Descriptions

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Easy Rawlins

This character is the protagonist of the novel. He is a twenty-eight-year old black man from Texas who now resides in Los Angeles.

Joppy Shag

This former heavyweight boxer in his late forties runs a bar in Los Angeles. His establishment is on one floor of a butchers' warehouse, and the smell of his butcher patrons keeps non-butchers away.

DeWitt Albright

This character is a former lawyer from Georgia. He has strawberry-blond hair and pale eyes. He wears an off-white linen suit, a Panama straw hat, bone shoes and white socks.


This character is a guard for a former lawyer from Georgia. He is possibly Chinese, but his origin is unknown because he was raised in a Jersey City orphanage.


This character tries to frisk the protagonist when he visits a former Georgia lawyer. He is described as having very dark skin, like an...

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