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Chapters 1-2

• Devil in a Blue Dress is a mystery novel by American author Walter Mosley; it is the first of the hard-boiled mystery series featuring detective Easy Rawlins.

• Chapter 1 opens in Joppy's bar, a black Los Angeles watering hole, in 1948.

• A white man wearing a white linen suit and a Panama straw hat walks in, looking out of place; Joppy, who is working behind the bar, suddenly seems uncharacteristically nervous and deferential.

• The narrator, Easy, is drinking at the bar; Easy's only dealings with white men have occurred during World War II in Europe.

• Joppy introduces the man in the white suit to Easy as Mr. Albright; Albright offers Easy a job.

• Albright's line of work is hazy; he wants Easy to help him find someone.

• Albright leaves the bar and Joppy assures Easy that Albright isn't a gangster, but rather a "businessman" who sometimes deals outside...

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