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Joseph Hayes
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bard wish he had done to Griffin?

2. How does Griffin view Dan?

3. What dismays Ralphie's teacher?

4. Where does Griffin tell the caller to send the money?

5. About what is Bard incensed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Act 1, Hank gets melancholy because he will never have a girl like Cindy or live in a nice house like the Hilliards'. Answer the following questions in a well-developed essay using examples from the book as well as personal experience:

1. Do you feel sympathetic towards Hank? Why or why not?

2. Two of the convicts, Hank and Glen, are brothers. Why do you think two brothers both end up as convicts? Do you think they had a difficult upbringing? Would that make any difference in your feelings of sympathy towards either man?

3. Do you think that someone raised in an abusive home is more likely to become a criminal than one raised in a loving home? Discuss your stance, giving examples from research.

Essay Topic 2

In Act 2, the setting jumps back and forth between the Hillards' home and the Sheriff's office. Tension seems to be mounting in both places. Answer the following questions in a well-developed essay using examples from the book as well as personal experience:

1. How does the jumping back and forth between the two settings contribute to the rising drama and suspense? Or does it? Is it an effective technique?

2. Discuss the different manifestations of the tension in each setting and how each person is responding to the tension.

3. How does Chuck's

Essay Topic 3

Dan and Glen are two of the most influential characters in Lord of the Flies and have a major impact on the rest of the characters in the story.

Part 1) Compare and contrast the characters of Dan and Glen. How are they the same? How are they different?

Part 2) What do you think would have happened if these two characters, Dan and Glen, never existed in the story, i.e., if Eleanor was a single mom and she and her children are held hostage by Hank and Robish? Use events from the book where the direct influence of Dan and Glen had an impact on others.

Part 3) Who is the better leader, Dan or Glenn? Cite several examples from the book to support your case.

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