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Joseph Hayes
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To where does the setting of the scene shift?
(a) The site of the jail breakout.
(b) The local bank that is robbed.
(c) The morgue where the hit and run victim lies.
(d) Dan and Eleanor Hilliard's home.

2. With what does Griffin threaten Cindy if she tries to escape?
(a) Killing her.
(b) Kidnapping her brother.
(c) Killing Eleanor.
(d) Killing her dog.

3. How does Dan realize that something is wrong in his house?
(a) The blinds are all pulled.
(b) Cindy's bike is fallen over.
(c) The car is not in the garage.
(d) The lights are not on.

4. How does Griffin get inside the Hilliard's home?
(a) He is invited inside by Eleanor.
(b) He breaks a window.
(c) He pushes his way inside past Eleanor.
(d) He breaks the side door down.

5. What does Cindy's arrival at home cause?
(a) Hank's melancholy to improve.
(b) The neighbor to come over.
(c) More commotion in the house.
(d) The dog to bark.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Cindy?

2. How does Griffin cheer up Hank?

3. Who does Griffin pretend to be to Eleanor?

4. What does Griffin tell Cindy?

5. What is Dan's response to Ralphie's request.

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Carson and Bard do when after Robish is outside?

2. What does Ralphie do when he comes home?

3. What does Ralphie do while everyone's attention is on Cindy?

4. What does Dan convince the police to do?

5. What does Griffin order Eleanor and Cindy to do after everyone is home?

6. What does Griffin tell Helen when she calls?

7. What does Griffin want Dan and Cindy to do in the morning?

8. What does Robish taunt Griffin about?

9. What happens to Dan when returning from picking up Griffin's money? How is Dan feeling at this point?

10. What makes Jesse Bard scared about the report Winston is reading the first morning at the sheriff's department?

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