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Joseph Hayes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in Mr. Patterson's truck?
(a) A piece of paper with the tag number of the getaway car.
(b) A wallet full of his cash, credit cards and driver's license.
(c) Two thousand dollars he was taking to the convicts.
(d) A dead dog.

2. What does Bard order?
(a) Helicoptor an swat team support.
(b) Four more FBI agents to the scene.
(c) A long-range sniper rifle.
(d) An end to police patrols.

3. Besides the license number of the getaway car, what else is in Mr. Patterson's car?
(a) A handgun.
(b) Two empty whiskey bottles.
(c) Three hundred dollars.
(d) Checks from his morning collections.

4. Why does Bard become embroiled with Griffin?
(a) Griffin rapes Bard's sister.
(b) Griffin wounds Bard.
(c) Griffin held Bard hostage.
(d) Griffin shoots a police officer.

5. What does Dan tell the criminals as he is leaving?
(a) That he will give them 10 thousand dollars to leave this minute.
(b) That he will hurt them if they hurt his family.
(c) That the cops the criminals they are there.
(d) That they better not touch his guns again.

6. Who tells Bard that hitting Griffin is inappropriate behavior?
(a) Bard's supervisor.
(b) Winston.
(c) A CIA agent.
(d) Carson.

7. What do the police find in the woods?
(a) Robish's body.
(b) Mr. Patterson's body.
(c) A gun belonging to a prison guard.
(d) Car tracks belonging to the getaway car.

8. Who jumps on the back of Mr. Patterson's truck?
(a) Griffin.
(b) Robish.
(c) Dan.
(d) Ralphie.

9. What is about to cause Hank to snap?
(a) Knowing Cindy will not go with him.
(b) Knowing Robish kills a man.
(c) The visits to the Hilliard home.
(d) Knowing they are likely to die.

10. What is the motive that the police determine for Mr. Patterson's murder?
(a) They can determine no motive.
(b) He kills himself.
(c) A cult ritual.
(d) Robbery.

11. Why do tensions begin to flare?
(a) Griffin loses control of his cohorts.
(b) Griffin hits Ralphie lightly on the arm.
(c) Griffin orders Eleanor to cook dinner.
(d) Robish makes another advance towards Cindy.

12. What does Bard wish he had done to Griffin?
(a) Maim him.
(b) Pistol whipped him.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Killed him in the groin.

13. Who refuses to relinquish Dan's gun?
(a) Ralphie.
(b) Robish.
(c) No one has Dan's gun yet.
(d) Hank.

14. What does Dan believe will happen if Robish is allowed back into the house?
(a) It makes the Hilliards accessories to murder.
(b) He will burn the house down.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Ralphie will try to attack Robish again.

15. Besides peeking into the garage, what else does Mr. Patterson do?
(a) Tries to get Dan to come outside to talk.
(b) Flattens the tires of the car in the garage.
(c) Takes note of the disarray in the house.
(d) Tells Eleanor in code that help is coming.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ralphie doing?

2. What dismays Ralphie's teacher?

3. Why does Dan not want Robish in the house?

4. How does Dan act when he arrives home?

5. What is Ralphie's teacher's name?

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