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Joseph Hayes
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Griffin view Dan?
(a) As a wimp.
(b) As a mean gangster type.
(c) He likens Dan to his own father with his domineering ways and strict rules.
(d) As a menace to Griffin's plans.

2. What has been seen cruising in the neighborhoods?
(a) Helen's car.
(b) Mr. Patterson' stolen truck.
(c) The grey getaway car.
(d) Chuck's black Jaguar.

3. What does Carson say about Griffin?
(a) He was dying of illness anyway.
(b) He should have been hung years ago.
(c) He asked for his fate.
(d) He was a good boy led astray.

4. Where does Chuck go?
(a) To the bathroom.
(b) Downstairs.
(c) Into the attic.
(d) Out the bedroom window.

5. Where is Dan brought by the police?
(a) To the lookout post across the street from his house.
(b) To jail.
(c) Back to his house.
(d) To the command post in the City Hall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who ultimately kills Griffin?

2. Who tries to console Bard?

3. Where does Griffin plan to see his girlfriend?

4. About what does Deputy Winston read a wire report?

5. Who jumps on the back of Mr. Patterson's truck?

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