The Desperate Hours Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joseph Hayes
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Act 1

• The Desperate Hours is a three-act play about the terror inflicted on a suburban Indianapolis family by three escaped convicts.

• As the play begins, a deputy sheriff named Jesse Bard is arriving for his morning shift at the Indianapolis sheriff's department.

• Everything seems quiet until another deputy named Winston reads a wire report about a jailbreak in nearby Terre Haute.

• Winston in unmoved by the report, but the name of one of the escapees, Glenn Griffin, strikes fear in Bard, on whom Griffin has sworn revenge.

• An F.B.I. agent named Carson has heard about the jailbreak and arrives at the sheriff's office to help out in the situation.

• The play transitions to the home of Dan and Eleanor Hilliard, who are going about their usual morning routine.

• One of the Hilliard children, twenty-year-old Cindy, is preparing for her work day at a downtown law firm...

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