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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the bell ringing in the hospital mean?
(a) Someone has died.
(b) There is an infectious disease there.
(c) An emergency patient is coming.
(d) Business hours are over.

2. What does Otto think Sophie should do about her wound after seeing someone in his yard?
(a) See a surgeon.
(b) Clean it and let it heal.
(c) Let him treat it.
(d) Go to a doctor.

3. What upsets Sophie most about her hospital visit?
(a) She waited too long.
(b) A man died.
(c) The cat will be killed.
(d) She has to get shots.

4. What kind of liver does Otto buy?
(a) Goat.
(b) Calf.
(c) Chicken.
(d) Cow.

5. What is the name of Claire's ex-husband?
(a) Lionel.
(b) Leo.
(c) Leon.
(d) Leonard.

6. Who is the first person Sophie calls after leaving Claire's house?
(a) Francis.
(b) Charlie.
(c) Otto.
(d) Stuart.

7. Who does Cynthia's husband have a fascination with?
(a) Thoreau.
(b) Hitler.
(c) Jefferson.
(d) Stalin.

8. What did Sophie do to help her pain from the bite?
(a) Drank whiskey.
(b) Took some pills.
(c) Soaked her hand.
(d) Slept.

9. What is the waiting room compared to?
(a) A bus station.
(b) An asylum.
(c) A prison.
(d) A courtroom.

10. Why are some of Otto's clients leaving him after the split?
(a) They do not know how to talk to Otto.
(b) Otto got upset with them.
(c) They preferred Charlie.
(d) Charlie talks badly about Otto to them.

11. What part of town does Sophie think is rather ugly?
(a) Queens.
(b) Manhattan.
(c) Brooklyn.
(d) The Upper East Side.

12. Where does Sophie get her prescription filled?
(a) A pharmacy.
(b) Her doctor's office.
(c) A drug store.
(d) The hospital.

13. What is Otto obsessed with in Chapter 12?
(a) Helping the poor.
(b) Proving he is more important than Otto.
(c) Buying new neck ties.
(d) A passage by Thoreau.

14. What day of the week did Sophie go out to lunch with a friend?
(a) Sunday.
(b) Friday.
(c) Saturday.
(d) Monday.

15. What did Otto want to do before fulfilling his promise to Sophie?
(a) Finish his work.
(b) Redecorate his office.
(c) Catch the cat.
(d) Reconcile with Charlie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the cat do when it got into the box?

2. How does Sophie feel after telling Otto about going out with Charlie?

3. Why does Cynthia seek out Otto's help?

4. What does Sophie feel guilty about after going to the hospital?

5. How did Otto feel when he heard Sophie went out with Charlie?

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