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Chapter 1

• Sophie and Otto are eating dinner and talking about their day.

• Otto went to work and Sophie went to the antique store.
• Sophie sees a cat by the back door and feeds it against Otto's protests. When she tries to pet it, it bites her deeply and runs off.

• Sophie hides the cut to avoid teasing remarks from her husband. She tries to treat it herself.
• The cat bite becomes so swollen and infected that Sophie admits what happened, and Otto mocks her for not listening to him.

• Otto complains about Charlie, his business partner, and Sophie tries to defend the man and his efforts.

Chapter 2

• Sophie complains about her hand as they head to a party at the Holsteins' house. Otto says it needs a tetanus shot.

• Otto hates the one eyesore in his neighborhood. He comments on the fact that every other house has families...

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