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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the worst wound Aubrey has received?
(a) His leg is broken.
(b) His hip is broken.
(c) A head wound.
(d) A deep slash on his arm.

2. What does Maturin decide to do with Wogan?
(a) Let her stay pregnant.
(b) Use her to plant false information.
(c) Have an affair with her.
(d) Let her go to South America.

3. What do Maturin and Herapath do once late into the night?
(a) Smoke opium.
(b) Drink rum.
(c) Work in sick bay.
(d) Talk.

4. What happened to the ship's forge?
(a) It was left on the ice island.
(b) It fell through the hole in the hull.
(c) They never had a forge.
(d) It was thrown overboard.

5. What kind of stalemate does Maturin have to break?
(a) Between Aubrey and Putnam.
(b) Between Wogan and Herapath.
(c) Between Grand and Aubrey.
(d) Between Aubrey and Wogan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are three food resources that Desolation Island has in abundance?

2. What does Aubrey think is the reason the Dutch captain keeps pursuing them?

3. What does Aubrey explain to Maturin at dinner?

4. What type of plant on Desolation Island does Maturin think will be good for the crew?

5. What type of surprise attack does the Dutch captain set up one night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Grant's capabilities during combat and during regular ship operations.

2. Why does Aubrey allow Grant and others to leave the ship?

3. What danger is the Leopard facing after the battle with the Dutch?

4. What does the crew do after being safely anchored and what repair is impossible and why?

5. Meanwhile, Maturin has subtly informed Herapath--an American, it will be remembered--that should he gain the deck of La Fayette he would be free to leave with her; Aubrey would not risk an incident by boarding the American whaler. Do you think Maturin letting Herapath and Wogan escape was an act of treason?

6. Why does Aubrey think the Dutch captain keeps pursuing Leopard? Is this supposition of his confirmed?

7. What does the superstitious crew say about Larkin and about the Dutch ship?

8. Why is the Leopard outclassed by the Waakzaamheid?

9. The novel thus ends with Leopard ready to sail and Maturin finally freed of his weighty intelligence responsibilities. Do you think this ending was complete?

10. How does Aubrey win the battle with the Dutch ship?

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