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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who often goes with Maturin when he explores the area?
(a) Bonden and Wogan.
(b) Wogan and Pullings.
(c) Aubrey and Babbington.
(d) Bonden and Herapath.

2. What does the crew believe is causing the Dutch ship's ability to stay with Leopard?
(a) Psychic ability.
(b) A Dutch spy sending mirror signals.
(c) Magical communication.
(d) A top sail look out who has incredible eyesight.

3. What does Aubrey do after the ship is repaired?
(a) Fills all the fresh water casks.
(b) Tries to remount the rudder.
(c) Starts storing food.
(d) Recovers from his injuries.

4. What does Aubrey have done to his cabin?
(a) It is reconfigured.
(b) He doesn't do anything to his cabin.
(c) It is expanded.
(d) It has new carpet laid.

5. What are three food resources that Desolation Island has in abundance?
(a) Fish, carrots and mushrooms.
(b) Meat, eggs, and cabbage.
(c) Cattle, mushrooms and cabbage.
(d) Eggs, grains and cabbage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leopard miss within eyesight?

2. Why does the Waakzaamheid finally sink?

3. What does Maturin resume on board the ship?

4. What is put under the kneel of the ship which finally staunches the flow of water?

5. What does Herapath tell Maturin about opium?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss a few of the nautical technical information given in this chapter.

2. La Fayette has a forge but Aubrey cannot in good conscience request a favor--England and America are nearly at war. Explain why Aubrey's decision to not ask for help was irresponsible to his crew and ship.

3. Why does Aubrey think the Dutch captain keeps pursuing Leopard? Is this supposition of his confirmed?

4. Why does Aubrey decide Cape Town is not a good destination?

5. What does the superstitious crew say about Larkin and about the Dutch ship?

6. What danger is the Leopard facing after the battle with the Dutch?

7. The novel thus ends with Leopard ready to sail and Maturin finally freed of his weighty intelligence responsibilities. Do you think this ending was complete?

8. What does the fact that the Waakzaamheid has found the Leopard mean as far as the Dutch captain goes?

9. What does Aubrey have done to his cabin and why?

10. What do you think Herapath's history with Wogan says about his character?

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