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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of stalemate does Maturin have to break?
(a) Between Wogan and Herapath.
(b) Between Grand and Aubrey.
(c) Between Aubrey and Putnam.
(d) Between Aubrey and Wogan.

2. What does Maturin decide about Wogan and Herapath?
(a) They have to go free since she's pregnant.
(b) They won't be taken to Botany Bay.
(c) They are actually good people.
(d) They will be married by Aubrey.

3. How does Herapath feel when doing what Wogan wants?
(a) Like he has outsmarted Maturin.
(b) Like he's going to be a father.
(c) Like he's a real spy.
(d) Like he's betraying Maturin.

4. What does Aubrey have done to his cabin?
(a) It has new carpet laid.
(b) It is reconfigured.
(c) He doesn't do anything to his cabin.
(d) It is expanded.

5. What does Aubrey do after the ship is repaired?
(a) Fills all the fresh water casks.
(b) Recovers from his injuries.
(c) Tries to remount the rudder.
(d) Starts storing food.

6. What does Aubrey think about the Dutch captain?
(a) He must need money desperately.
(b) He is new and wants to prove himself.
(c) He must be psychic.
(d) He must be devoted to combat.

7. What does Grant constantly do that drives Aubrey crazy?
(a) Reports to sick bay for tiny scratches.
(b) Fraternizes with the sailors.
(c) Makes a commentary on Aubrey's actions.
(d) Pursues Wogan.

8. How does Leopard compare to Waakzaamheid?
(a) They have comparable gunnery systems.
(b) Waakzaamheid is larger but clumsy.
(c) Leopard is faster.
(d) It is completely outclassed.

9. What does Aubrey decide to use as stern chasers?
(a) A fourteen and eleven pounder brass canons.
(b) Three fourteen pounders.
(c) A long canon eight pounder.
(d) Two brass long nine pounders.

10. In what direction is Leopard driven as she seeks to avoid combat?
(a) West.
(b) South.
(c) North.
(d) East.

11. How does Herapath feel about his relationship with Wogan?
(a) He wants to know her better.
(b) She loves him very much.
(c) It's been unhappy.
(d) It's been exciting.

12. Who often goes with Maturin when he explores the area?
(a) Wogan and Pullings.
(b) Bonden and Wogan.
(c) Bonden and Herapath.
(d) Aubrey and Babbington.

13. What happened to the ship's forge?
(a) It fell through the hole in the hull.
(b) They never had a forge.
(c) It was left on the ice island.
(d) It was thrown overboard.

14. What does Aubrey notice about the Dutch captain when the ship closes in?
(a) He is dressed in black.
(b) He is not in uniform.
(c) He is a Moor.
(d) He is someone Aubrey knows.

15. What does the crew believe about the death of Larkin?
(a) He never got to prove his innocence.
(b) He should have a funeral.
(c) He didn't have a chance locked up in the hold.
(d) The ship will now be lucky.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Maturin and Herapath do once late into the night?

2. Why is Aubrey bleeding after the battle?

3. What does the part of the crew that takes the boats and leave the ship take with them?

4. What happens to the rudder when they pull away from the iceberg?

5. What does Maturin decide to do with Wogan?

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