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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Peggy Barnes?
(a) Wogan's servant.
(b) A woman prisoner.
(c) Grant's wife.
(d) Wogan's spying partner.

2. What happened to the ship's forge?
(a) It was thrown overboard.
(b) It was left on the ice island.
(c) They never had a forge.
(d) It fell through the hole in the hull.

3. What does Aubrey do after the ship is repaired?
(a) Starts storing food.
(b) Recovers from his injuries.
(c) Tries to remount the rudder.
(d) Fills all the fresh water casks.

4. Who often goes with Maturin when he explores the area?
(a) Aubrey and Babbington.
(b) Bonden and Herapath.
(c) Bonden and Wogan.
(d) Wogan and Pullings.

5. What ship shows up at the island?
(a) An English battle ship.
(b) An India merchant ship.
(c) An American whaler.
(d) A Dutch war ship.

6. What surprises Aubrey when morning arrives?
(a) The Leopard is surrounded by land.
(b) A storm has come up.
(c) The Dutch ship is gone.
(d) The Dutch ship is still pursuing.

7. What does Aubrey announce to the ship when he takes the deck briefly?
(a) They are going to Cape Town.
(b) They will not stop at Cape Town.
(c) They are going around the southern tip of South America.
(d) They are heading back to England.

8. What amazes Aubrey about the Dutch captain?
(a) His ability to predict Leopard's movements.
(b) His desire to destroy a ship.
(c) His ability to shoot canons on a high sea.
(d) His ability to close in on Leopard.

9. What ethnic background is Boswell?
(a) British.
(b) French.
(c) Gypsy.
(d) American.

10. Why is Aubrey bleeding after the battle?
(a) Grant slashed him with a knife.
(b) His arm was caught in the rigging.
(c) He was hit with shrapnel.
(d) He was hit with splinters.

11. What changes in the ship's situation when the water pouring in slows down?
(a) The ship begins to move.
(b) The pumps can keep up with the inflow.
(c) They can quit using the pumps.
(d) The ship begins to float.

12. What does Maturin tell Putnam when he works on him?
(a) To eat more vegetables.
(b) They need the use of a forge.
(c) To quit drinking rum.
(d) To exercise more.

13. What kind of stalemate does Maturin have to break?
(a) Between Wogan and Herapath.
(b) Between Aubrey and Putnam.
(c) Between Aubrey and Wogan.
(d) Between Grand and Aubrey.

14. Why does Putnam need Maturin's help?
(a) He has a broken arm.
(b) He has allergies.
(c) He has a bad tooth.
(d) He has gaol fever.

15. What type of surprise attack does the Dutch captain set up one night?
(a) Surrounding Leopard with small boats.
(b) Shooting fire arrows.
(c) Hitting the bow with a whaling harpoon.
(d) Sending swimmers over to board Leopard.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the crew act towards Wogan?

2. Why do they take ice aboard the ship?

3. What type of wildlife is in abundance on Desolation Island?

4. What are three food resources that Desolation Island has in abundance?

5. What do they have to do to Leopard before they can repair her hull?

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