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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maturin do about the prisoners' illness?
(a) Cures it with medicine.
(b) He has no treatment for it.
(c) He allows it to spread so people will become immune.
(d) Tries to contain it.

2. How long does the ship lie becalmed?
(a) A month.
(b) Six weeks.
(c) Two months.
(d) Three weeks.

3. How many people recover from the illness but are too weak to work?
(a) About sixty-five.
(b) A hundred.
(c) Twenty-six.
(d) Half the ship.

4. What is the windless place called that the ship encounters?
(a) Slow water sea.
(b) The stills.
(c) Breeze bay.
(d) The doldrums.

5. Why is Herapath in trouble?
(a) Absent during watch.
(b) Stealing food.
(c) Sneaking in to see Wogan.
(d) Drinking on duty.

6. How does Maturin respond that he must be implicated with Villiers?
(a) He slaps his accuser.
(b) He remains quiet and listens to the reasons.
(c) Outraged shouting.
(d) He stomps out of the room.

7. What did Wogan have that kept her in good physical shape?
(a) Her own personal food stores.
(b) An exercise regimen.
(c) A positive attitude.
(d) Several men who were helping her.

8. Why is the officer causing problems?
(a) He hates Aubrey.
(b) He is a friend of Wogan's.
(c) He is new and insecure.
(d) He thinks he posted below his abilities.

9. What was Aubrey trying to avoid by going north and northwest?
(a) The south side of France.
(b) The lee side of Spain.
(c) Eastern Africa.
(d) Bay of Bengali.

10. Who is Sophie?
(a) Aubrey's wife.
(b) Aubrey's mistress.
(c) Aubrey's daughter.
(d) The admiral's daughter.

11. How does Herapath feel when he gets to the top of the ropes?
(a) Very afraid.
(b) Inspired by the view.
(c) Very strong and powerful.
(d) Like joining the navy.

12. Why is Aubrey angry?
(a) He's being asked to transport prisoners.
(b) He has to wait another month to leave.
(c) An admiral is coming with him.
(d) His pay has been cut.

13. What is a fourth-rate ship-of-the-line with a tarnished history?
(a) HMS Elizabeth.
(b) HMS Panther.
(c) HMS Leopard.
(d) HMS Ironsides.

14. To what group is Aubrey appointed?
(a) The Sea Cadets.
(b) The Captain's Corps.
(c) The Dragon Corps.
(d) The Sea-Fencibles.

15. How does Wogan appear after the storm?
(a) Subdued but all right.
(b) In good spirits.
(c) Suicidal.
(d) Down heartened.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Herapath receive an appointment to his position?

2. Who is Diana Villiers?

3. What is Aubrey doing as the novel opens?

4. What does Aubrey do Saturday evening?

5. Where is Captain Aubrey headed?

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