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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of surprise attack does the Dutch captain set up one night?
(a) Surrounding Leopard with small boats.
(b) Sending swimmers over to board Leopard.
(c) Shooting fire arrows.
(d) Hitting the bow with a whaling harpoon.

2. With whom is Maturin enamored?
(a) Killick's sister.
(b) Sophie.
(c) Diana Villiers.
(d) No one.s

3. What is sighted on the sea in Chapter 6?
(a) A ship wreck.
(b) A large pod of dolphins.
(c) Waakzaamheid.
(d) A British war ship.

4. How does Waakzaamheid finally close in on Leopard?
(a) In the night.
(b) In heavy weather that slows Leopard down.
(c) By slipping grappling hooks on the stern.
(d) During a heavy fog.

5. How does Maturin feel about his manipulations of Wogan and Herapath?
(a) Frustrated.
(b) Bored.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Successful.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Babbington warn Grant?

2. How is Sophie characterized?

3. Who is Peggy Barnes?

4. Why does Maturin go ashore at Cape Verdes?

5. What does Aubrey develop in case they find Waakzaamheid?

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