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This was a naval organization that putatively protected England from invasion by French forces during the Napoleonic Wars.


This is an alcoholic herbal extract of opium--in simple terms, it is nearly pure ethanol fortified with morphine.

H.M.S. Leopard

This is a two-decker, fourth-rate, ship-of-the-line.

Gaol Fever

This strikes Leopard after she has been out of England several weeks.


This is a Dutch ship-of-the-line, and a hostile opponent of Aubrey's Leopard.

The Weather Gauge

To have or possess this describes the favorable positioning of a sailing vessel relative to another with respect to the wind; in brief, it is any position upwind of the other vessel.

Standing Rigging

The sailing ships presented in the novel are propelled by wind pressure against sails hung from spars. The masts and spars are supported in place by a complex series of lines and ropes collectively called this...

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