Desolation Angels Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Mount Hozomeen become Jack's metaphor for The Void?

Mount Hozomeen becomes Jack's metaphor for The Void because he is looking at it when he comes upon the realization of the void. From this point on, any time he looks at that mountain, he remembers when he realized that The Void was really his own humanity.

2. What does Jack do every night at 8:00 while he is working in Washington?

While Jack is a fire lookout in Washington, he and all the other rangers assuage the loneliness they can feel by getting on the radio at 8:00 at night. The rangers then discuss things about their homes and give tips about how to make life in the secluded forest more homey and comfortable.

3. Why is Jack not affected by the news stories going on around him when he is in Washington?

Jack is unaffected by the news stories going on around him because he is too wrapped up in trying to just 'be'. His main concern with hearing about a murder near him is how his mother will take the news. He does not focus or care about people he does not know.

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