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Desolation Peak

This is the location where Duluoz acts as fire lookout.

San Francisco

This is the heart of the Beat movement and backdrop for most of the novel.

Mount Hozomeen

This place is used as a metaphor for the Void of the universe.

Old Jack

This is a smaller elevation that Jack can see.


This is one of Duluoz's favorite places to wander and search for like-minded hipsters.

Mexico City

This is a place where Duluoz often secludes himself to write.

The Village

This is the home of hep bars and like-minded Renaissance people.


This is the eventual home for Angie Duluoz and a part-time home for Jack Duluoz.

The Cellar

This is Duluoz's favorite location for jazz.

Simon Darlovsky's House

Located in the heart of a ghetto housing development, this is the place most used by the Beats.

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