Desolation Angels Character Descriptions

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Jack Dulouz

This character is desperate and confused. One minute this person wants nothing more than solitude, while the next, just the thought of being away from friends and the liveliness of the city is too much to bear.

Irwin Garden

This character, a pouty-lipped Jewish person with glasses, dark hair and bushy beard, becomes famous for the poem "Howl".

Raphael Urso

A poet with a touch of hyperactivity, this person yells instead of speaking and makes wild hand gestures in order to get a point across.

Cody Pomeroy

This character is tall and handsome, with rugged features. Unlike most of the other poets, he is married with three children.

Simon Darlovsky

This character is the owner of a house in the San Francisco ghetto, the place where the group regularly takes refuge.

Evelyn Pomeroy

The spouse of a poet with she has three children, this character often...

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