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Book I, Part I - Desolation in Solitude: Chapters 1 - 3 | Book I, Part I - Desolation in Solitude: Chapters 4 - 7

• While looking at Mt. Hozomeen, Jack realizes that his inner darkness, what he calls The Void, is not something bad or negative, but simply his humanity.

• Jack moves to Washington to become a fire lookout, hoping to find some solitude and learn secrets about himself. He betrays his Buddhist beliefs when he kills a mouse.

• Jack finds that the real cause of his illumination in the forest comes from his lack of drugs or alcohol. The solitude, however, almost drives him insane.

• Jack recalls memories of his childhood home with his mother and is grateful for her. He longs to be back in civilization and away from the loneliness he now feels.

• Jack has a dream about his father dying, and his mother going to an insane asylum...

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