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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Under Abbey's ramada on a sunny day the temperature of 110 degrees is
(a) Hotter than inside the trailer
(b) Too hot to breathe
(c) Hot enough for heastroke
(d) Comfortable and pleasant

2. In the middle of the day on the desert, most of the birds
(a) Are busy looking for water
(b) Are muted and inactive
(c) Huddling in groups for shade
(d) Are taking advantage of slow moving insects

3. Abbey studies the Colorado's tributaries on
(a) A geological map of the Grand Canyon
(b) A topigraphical map of the US
(c) A globe
(d) A road map of Utah

4. Moon-Eye's temperament was due to
(a) Having been separated from his mother as a colt
(b) Inflammation of one of his eyes
(c) Bad genes from his mother
(d) Having been lost for so long

5. When Abbey gets a call to help with a search, he assumes
(a) The missing man has died
(b) The missing man has hitched a ride out
(c) The group is over-reacting
(d) The man has drowned

6. The group's reactions after the man is taken away involve
(a) Sad silence
(b) Relief and humor
(c) Raucous partying
(d) An introspective meditation

7. Mackie would rather be rich than work for Scobie. If he were, he would
(a) Buy Scobie out
(b) Live back in Moab
(c) Hire someone like himself
(d) Buy his own cows

8. Unlike Thoreau, Abbey's intention is to
(a) Be a megalomaniac
(b) Make the best of two worlds
(c) Spend six months in the desert
(d) Spend time in the bars

9. Abbey can be said to be a high-level
(a) Atheist
(b) Mormon
(c) Cynic
(d) Conservative

10. Abbey cancels his plans for
(a) A trip to the airport
(b) A ceremonious farewell
(c) A final campfire
(d) One more hike in the rocks

11. On the beach for the evening, the most rewarding thing seems to be
(a) Being off the water
(b) Food
(c) Being dry
(d) Not being cramped

12. Abbey tries to convince Moon-Eye to come with by telling him a story about
(a) His pet horse back in Albuquerque
(b) How he will get the others and come for him
(c) How he will die and be eaten
(d) His own childhood

13. The heat of the desert makes objects appear
(a) As if they are blurred and on fire
(b) As if they are invisible
(c) As if they are covered in water
(d) As if they are moving

14. Abbey feels the only real paradise is
(a) The here and now, and the real earth
(b) The mythical Garden of Eden
(c) Moab, Utah
(d) The fantasy of skiing in unison

15. What reigns in the desert on this late-spring day is
(a) The tourists
(b) The wind
(c) The clean air
(d) The sun

Short Answer Questions

1. The beautiful flower Larkspur can be

2. Abbey's concerns about preserving wilderness in this chapter are connected with

3. Abbey suggests to Waterman that, perhaps, like a German poet, we humans

4. Abbey likes the word, "Tukuhnikivats," which means

5. A large influx of tourists to the park is marked by

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