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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the second day of their journey, Abbey is
(a) Peaceful and blissful
(b) Wishing to be back in Moab
(c) Hoping the trip ends soon
(d) Creatively suppressed

2. Floating through the rapids leaves the two boaters
(a) Happy and exultant
(b) Making plans for the future
(c) Extremely anxious and concerned
(d) In shock and awe

3. To make it easier to maneuver the rubber raft, Abbey
(a) Ties his boat to Newcomb's
(b) Keeps one hand outside the boat
(c) Leans back against the stern seats
(d) Gets hold of a second paddle

4. Abbey's reaction to the man's manner of death is one of
(a) Revulsion at the sight
(b) Anger for his carelessness
(c) Fear of going the same way
(d) Congratulatory envy

5. With Waterman, Abbey experiences his first attempt at
(a) Using a rope
(b) Deep hiking
(c) Finding gravel water
(d) Rappelling

6. Abbey can be said to be a high-level
(a) Atheist
(b) Cynic
(c) Conservative
(d) Mormon

7. After Moon-Eye rushed Abbey and ran fifty feet away, Abbey waited on him for
(a) The rest of the afternoon
(b) A full hour
(c) Through the entire evening
(d) A few minutes longer

8. When Abbey gets a call to help with a search, he assumes
(a) The missing man has died
(b) The man has drowned
(c) The group is over-reacting
(d) The missing man has hitched a ride out

9. Abbey's campsite is
(a) An empty spot in a grassy field
(b) A fireplace built by Native Americans
(c) A place he has never seen before
(d) One erected previously

10. In July, the surrounding mountains are almost
(a) Completely free of snow
(b) Covered with snow
(c) Invisible
(d) Bare of snow

11. Abbey suggests to Waterman that, perhaps, like a German poet, we humans
(a) Become lost in our thoughts
(b) Are unchangeable
(c) Become more concerned with the naming than the things named
(d) Do not exist without names

12. The character Mackie is
(a) An old friend of Abbey's
(b) A Mormon from Utah
(c) A temporary replacement for Viviano
(d) A friend of the rangers'

13. Abbey describes the experience of noontime in the desert like
(a) A dark nightmare
(b) A religious experience
(c) An occult fantasy
(d) A psychedelic drug experience

14. The desert winds of May have
(a) Dried the river to a stream
(b) Cleaned out the flowers and debris
(c) Brought huge thunderclouds
(d) Burned the green things to saffron and auburn

15. Fred Burkett's favorite hiding place to watch for speeders was
(a) Sawed down by Abbey
(b) Blown over in the wind
(c) Leveled by vandals
(d) Now obsolete

Short Answer Questions

1. The only sign of human life Abbey and Waterman see in the maze is

2. When Abbey finally confronts Moon-Eye, he is

3. Abbey tries to convince Moon-Eye to come with by telling him a story about

4. The difference between the desert and other geographic areas is its

5. A large influx of tourists to the park is marked by

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