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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The beautiful flower Larkspur can be
(a) Deadly for cattle
(b) Used for herbal teas
(c) Made into healing salve
(d) Poisonous to humans

2. Abbey tries to convince Moon-Eye to come with by telling him a story about
(a) How he will get the others and come for him
(b) How he will die and be eaten
(c) His pet horse back in Albuquerque
(d) His own childhood

3. Abbey likes the word, "Tukuhnikivats," which means
(a) Where the sun lingers
(b) Where the Arches watch
(c) Home of the Utes
(d) Queen of the LaSals

4. Abbey gets sidetracked to Havasu on his way to
(a) Los Angeles
(b) New Mexico
(c) Moab
(d) Denver

5. Abbey suggests to Waterman that, perhaps, like a German poet, we humans
(a) Do not exist without names
(b) Are unchangeable
(c) Become more concerned with the naming than the things named
(d) Become lost in our thoughts

6. The cabin Abbey slept in appears to be
(a) Full of bats
(b) Full of rats
(c) Haunted
(d) Condemned

7. When Abbey finally confronts Moon-Eye, he is
(a) In a hurry to get him in a rope
(b) Gentle and kind to the horse
(c) Angry and frustrated
(d) Overly friendly and suspicious

8. When Abbey gets a call to help with a search, he assumes
(a) The missing man has hitched a ride out
(b) The man has drowned
(c) The missing man has died
(d) The group is over-reacting

9. Edward Abbey and Johnny try to
(a) Console each other over the man's death
(b) Drag the man up to the coroner's vehicle
(c) Retrace the man's activities before he died
(d) Find vultures circling

10. Abbey decides to climb Tukuhnikivats
(a) By himself
(b) With his horse
(c) In his pickup
(d) With his camping partner

11. Abbey's decision to take a shortcut in the Havasu Canyon
(a) Made him realize he had gone too far
(b) Led to a near-death experience
(c) Left him without water or food
(d) Led him to sleep in the wilderness

12. Abbey gives us an idea of how he laces his conversations with tourists
(a) With anger
(b) With warnings
(c) With disgust
(d) With humor

13. Abbey wishes that the tourists would get out of their vehicles and
(a) Buy some lunch
(b) Walk on the land
(c) Have a Coke
(d) Drink from the streams

14. As a true patriot, Abbey encourages Waterman to
(a) Fight in the war proudly
(b) Find himself
(c) Go back to his real life
(d) Hide from the draft

15. Why does the sign instructing skiers to ski in a clockwise direction irk Edward Abbey?
(a) It is industrial tourism at its finest
(b) It is one more indication of freedom lost to government control
(c) He wishes people would ski only on the snow
(d) He feels people should ski in both directions

Short Answer Questions

1. Unlike Thoreau, Abbey's intention is to

2. We can assume that Abbey decides to set off to the mountains

3. On the second day of their journey, Abbey is

4. Abbey admits that he, too, is a member of

5. The German who befriended Abbey was, in Abbey's opinion,

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