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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fred Burkett's favorite hiding place to watch for speeders was
(a) Sawed down by Abbey
(b) Now obsolete
(c) Blown over in the wind
(d) Leveled by vandals

2. The group's reactions after the man is taken away involve
(a) Sad silence
(b) Relief and humor
(c) Raucous partying
(d) An introspective meditation

3. Floating through the rapids leaves the two boaters
(a) Making plans for the future
(b) Extremely anxious and concerned
(c) Happy and exultant
(d) In shock and awe

4. Abbey and Newcomb are in denial about the
(a) Completion of the dam
(b) The friendship they have formed
(c) Their thirst
(d) The end of their trip

5. The heat of the desert makes objects appear
(a) As if they are blurred and on fire
(b) As if they are covered in water
(c) As if they are moving
(d) As if they are invisible

6. The man who has initiated the search is the deceased man's
(a) Nephew
(b) Cousin
(c) Father
(d) Brother

7. Moon-Eye rejected humans when he was subjected to
(a) Being ridden too long
(b) A violent beating
(c) Having to go all day without water
(d) Human food

8. Why does Abbey say he wants the wild horse, Moon-Eye?
(a) He wants him for transportation
(b) He wants to see his huge hooves
(c) He says he does not know
(d) He is curious about a reclusive horse

9. Beyond the timberline Abbey observes
(a) Gathering stom clouds
(b) The alpenglow
(c) Heavy snow
(d) The pine forest

10. Why does the sign instructing skiers to ski in a clockwise direction irk Edward Abbey?
(a) He feels people should ski in both directions
(b) It is one more indication of freedom lost to government control
(c) It is industrial tourism at its finest
(d) He wishes people would ski only on the snow

11. After Moon-Eye rushed Abbey and ran fifty feet away, Abbey waited on him for
(a) A full hour
(b) The rest of the afternoon
(c) A few minutes longer
(d) Through the entire evening

12. The character Mackie is
(a) A friend of the rangers'
(b) A Mormon from Utah
(c) A temporary replacement for Viviano
(d) An old friend of Abbey's

13. The pika is an animal that lives and feeds on
(a) Larkspur
(b) Tundra
(c) Buttercups
(d) Alpine violets

14. The cabin Abbey slept in appears to be
(a) Full of rats
(b) Condemned
(c) Full of bats
(d) Haunted

15. What reigns in the desert on this late-spring day is
(a) The tourists
(b) The sun
(c) The clean air
(d) The wind

Short Answer Questions

1. In the middle of the day on the desert, most of the birds

2. Abbey cancels his plans for

3. Abbey admits that he, too, is a member of

4. With Waterman, Abbey experiences his first attempt at

5. The desert winds of May have

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