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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey studies the Colorado's tributaries on
(a) A geological map of the Grand Canyon
(b) A globe
(c) A road map of Utah
(d) A topigraphical map of the US

2. When Abbey gets a call to help with a search, he assumes
(a) The man has drowned
(b) The missing man has hitched a ride out
(c) The group is over-reacting
(d) The missing man has died

3. Abbey cancels his plans for
(a) A trip to the airport
(b) One more hike in the rocks
(c) A final campfire
(d) A ceremonious farewell

4. Abbey's campsite is
(a) An empty spot in a grassy field
(b) One erected previously
(c) A place he has never seen before
(d) A fireplace built by Native Americans

5. The group's reactions after the man is taken away involve
(a) Raucous partying
(b) Sad silence
(c) Relief and humor
(d) An introspective meditation

6. Moon-Eye rejected humans when he was subjected to
(a) Human food
(b) Having to go all day without water
(c) Being ridden too long
(d) A violent beating

7. Moon Eye, the wild horse, has been living alone for
(a) Ten years
(b) Six months
(c) A year
(d) Fifteen years

8. Moon-Eye's temperament was due to
(a) Having been separated from his mother as a colt
(b) Inflammation of one of his eyes
(c) Having been lost for so long
(d) Bad genes from his mother

9. The meaning of Abbey's words, "claritas, integritas, veritas" can be found in this quote:
(a) Paradox and bedrock.
(b) To meet God or Medusa face to face, even if it means risking everything human in myself
(c) I am confront, immediately and directly if it's possible, the bare bones of existence
(d) ...the desert reveals itself nakedly and cruelly, with no meaning but its own existnece

10. Abbey uses a piece of hollow cane to create a
(a) Pipe for tobacco
(b) Siphon for getting water
(c) A digging tool
(d) A new walking stick

11. Abbey is convinced that horses are
(a) Meant to be broken
(b) Gregarious beings
(c) Pack animals
(d) Meant to be subdued

12. Separating from other human beings feels to Abbey like
(a) A stab of conscience
(b) An unnatural act that will lead to loss
(c) A spiritual reckoning
(d) Cutting the cord, a rebirth into primeval liberty

13. Abbey has been promised by a Mormon woman that he
(a) Will be saved as a Mormon
(b) Will go to heaven with her
(c) Will always be an atheist
(d) Will finally come around to her way of praying

14. Abbey describes the experience of noontime in the desert like
(a) An occult fantasy
(b) A religious experience
(c) A psychedelic drug experience
(d) A dark nightmare

15. Abbey tries to convince Moon-Eye to come with by telling him a story about
(a) His own childhood
(b) How he will get the others and come for him
(c) How he will die and be eaten
(d) His pet horse back in Albuquerque

Short Answer Questions

1. The desert flowers in the month of May have

2. On the beach for the evening, the most rewarding thing seems to be

3. As a true patriot, Abbey encourages Waterman to

4. Abbey wants his readers to know that the desert is

5. Abbey wishes that the tourists would get out of their vehicles and

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