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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Moon-Eye rejected humans when he was subjected to
(a) Having to go all day without water
(b) Human food
(c) A violent beating
(d) Being ridden too long

2. Abbey's decision to take a shortcut in the Havasu Canyon
(a) Led him to sleep in the wilderness
(b) Made him realize he had gone too far
(c) Led to a near-death experience
(d) Left him without water or food

3. To make it easier to maneuver the rubber raft, Abbey
(a) Gets hold of a second paddle
(b) Leans back against the stern seats
(c) Ties his boat to Newcomb's
(d) Keeps one hand outside the boat

4. The man who has initiated the search is the deceased man's
(a) Brother
(b) Cousin
(c) Father
(d) Nephew

5. The group's reactions after the man is taken away involve
(a) An introspective meditation
(b) Raucous partying
(c) Relief and humor
(d) Sad silence

6. In July, the surrounding mountains are almost
(a) Covered with snow
(b) Bare of snow
(c) Invisible
(d) Completely free of snow

7. Abbey tries to convince Moon-Eye to come with by telling him a story about
(a) His pet horse back in Albuquerque
(b) How he will get the others and come for him
(c) His own childhood
(d) How he will die and be eaten

8. Major John Wesley Powell was the first to
(a) The government's advocate for the Hoover Dam
(b) A force in drowing Glen Canyon
(c) The military force behind Lake Powell
(d) Explore the Colorado River and its environment

9. Why does the sign instructing skiers to ski in a clockwise direction irk Edward Abbey?
(a) He wishes people would ski only on the snow
(b) He feels people should ski in both directions
(c) It is industrial tourism at its finest
(d) It is one more indication of freedom lost to government control

10. The only sign of human life Abbey and Waterman see in the maze is
(a) A snake petroglyph
(b) Footprints
(c) Old tent poles
(d) A beer can

11. Fred Burkett's favorite hiding place to watch for speeders was
(a) Leveled by vandals
(b) Now obsolete
(c) Sawed down by Abbey
(d) Blown over in the wind

12. The difference between the desert and other geographic areas is its
(a) Its danger
(b) Its passivity and simplicity
(c) Its level of tourism
(d) Its beauty in all seasons

13. With Waterman, Abbey experiences his first attempt at
(a) Using a rope
(b) Rappelling
(c) Deep hiking
(d) Finding gravel water

14. In late summer the quietness, or somnolence of the desert leaves Abbey feeling
(a) Hungry for the ocean
(b) Haunted by voices
(c) Tired of the heat
(d) A certain madness

15. Abbey feels the only real paradise is
(a) The mythical Garden of Eden
(b) Moab, Utah
(c) The fantasy of skiing in unison
(d) The here and now, and the real earth

Short Answer Questions

1. The pika is an animal that lives and feeds on

2. Abbey cancels his plans for

3. We can assume that Abbey decides to set off to the mountains

4. Abbey suggests to Waterman that, perhaps, like a German poet, we humans

5. Unlike Thoreau, Abbey's intention is to

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