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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 Terra Incognita: Into the Maze.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As a true patriot, Abbey encourages Waterman to
(a) Find himself
(b) Fight in the war proudly
(c) Hide from the draft
(d) Go back to his real life

2. Edward wants to stop attributing human qualities to nature, which is called
(a) Metamophization
(b) Characterization
(c) Personification
(d) Anthropomorphism

3. Why does the sign instructing skiers to ski in a clockwise direction irk Edward Abbey?
(a) He wishes people would ski only on the snow
(b) It is industrial tourism at its finest
(c) It is one more indication of freedom lost to government control
(d) He feels people should ski in both directions

4. Edward Abbey's solution to preventing rattlesnakes is
(a) To feed them the mice in his trailer
(b) To capture and domesticate a gopher snake
(c) To scare them away with his walking stick
(d) To shoot them with his British Webley .45

5. The irony of Roy Scobie's death was that
(a) He was carefree about life
(b) He fell off of a horse like he expected
(c) What he feared the most actually took place
(d) His death was harder than he had feared

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey will be responsible for providing the campsites with

2. The loveliest, and sweet as a pretty girl, in Abbey's opinion, is

3. Moon-Eye's temperament was due to

4. Much of the fauna growing near Abbey's trailer is

5. Edward Abbey is living in isolation,

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