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Arches National Monument

Abbey takes a job as park ranger here.

Moab, Utah

The small town nearest to the Arches.

Glen Canyon

A place that will soon be covered by the waters of Lake Powell.


A small Native American settlement at the bottom of a side canyon off the Grand Canyon.

Mount Tukuhnikivats

Abbey climbs this on a camping trip.

The Maze

A complex and remote labyrinth of canyons


A shelter for cooking, refrigeration and a shower for Abbey.


An open shelter that Abbey builds behind the trailer house.

Cherry Wood Walking Stick

Abbey always hikes with this.


Abbey loves these animals.

Desert Flora

Plant life of which Abbey tries to reach a deeper understanding.

Desert Fauna

Desert animals to which Abbey sometimes talks.


Blazes during summer days, forcing most creatures to seek shade or other protection

Night Sky

Where stars and moon...

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