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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a malfeasance to which Lovett is connected?

2. What reason does Jessie give Harry for not wanting to go to Janet's funeral?

3. How does Didion describe Lovett's attitude toward the countries he represents?

4. How does Carol Christian die?

5. At the end of the chapter, what does Dillon insist Inez say when asked about her father?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Perhaps the most central relationship of DEMOCRACY is that between the author and the reader. Didion - and her alter ego, the narrator - continually indicates that she is not going to honor the unspoken agreement of this relationship. Write an essay about this relationship in three parts:

Part 1) In what respect is Democracy not the narrator's first choice for a novel? What did Didion supposedly attempt to write before she settled on the story of Inez Victor and Jack Lovett?

Part 2) The narrator regularly uses conditional and hypothetical language when describing events in the story. What does this indicate simultaneously about her relationship with those events and with the reader?

Part 3) The order in which the story of DEMOCRACY is told is not chronological. Why do you think Didion chooses to structure the story this way? What does it deny to reader and what does it provide?

Essay Topic 2

The world of DEMOCRACY - focused on the political and the military - is contingent upon reliability. As such, people like Harry Victor, Jack Lovett, and Billy Dillon fear nothing more than a wild-card. Write an essay about the wild-cards of DEMOCRACY, figures whose unpredictable choices render the best-laid plans of these power-brokers moot. How do the following characters throw a spoke in these plans and what are the consequences?

Part 1) Janet Ziegler

Part 2) Paul Christian

Part 3) Jessie Victor

Essay Topic 3

Jack Lovett's reasoning is most often tied to a given military-political objective he has been given. Didion states that his greatest gift is the ability to view situations with a dispassionate eye. The only case in which this is not true, in which he skirts his duty, is regarding Inez Victor. In an essay, examine Lovett's relationship with Inez. How does his affection manifest itself prior to the Christian shootings? What role do these shootings serve in allowing him to make his move? What good deeds does he render to her, and how does his career allow him to do so?

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