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Short Answer Questions

1. What romantic painter does Inez publicly state she would never hang in a Zaire embassy?

2. Which member of her family will Inez visit in the hospital within a couple hours of landing?

3. According to Didion, with what do most island families surround themselves?

4. What name does Didion use as a stand-in for all the shared associates of men like Jack Lovett?

5. What was the subject of the novel that Didion abandoned?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Wendell Omura connected to Dick Ziegler?

2. How does the narrator of Democracy reveal herself in Chapter 2?

3. What information about Paul Christian's crime does Didion reveal in Chapter 3?

4. What precautions does Inez Victor take to preserve her privacy?

5. What is Paul Christian's attitude regarding the shooting?

6. Why does Harry Victor defend Adlai's returning to school?

7. How does Jessie Victor Make her way to Vietnam?

8. What rule of nonfiction does Didion demonstrate in this chapter, and how does she do so?

9. What absurd process is happening involving American officials in Vietnam?

10. What does Billy Dillon want from Frank Tawagata?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After the 1972 Presidential campaign, the Victor marriage is marred by overwhelming unhappiness. Write an essay about the marriage of Harry and Inez Victor and how it is pervaded by a sense of wasted talent and opportunity. What possibilities does Inez see for her life that she is not allowed to pursue? How does Harry react to his failure to win the Democratic nomination? In what ways are both Adlai and Jessie Victor products of this deep-seeded sense of waste?

Essay Topic 2

Jessie Victor is one of the more unpredictable characters of DEMOCRACY. Write an essay analyzing her objectives, both those that she tells her father she wants to pursue and the ones she pursues by a series of inadvisable actions. What decisions does she make that cause problems both for her and for those around her? What reasoning does she give for making these choices, and what reasoning does the narrator infer? How doe these motivations connect with the goals she describes to her father?

Essay Topic 3

The story of DEMOCRACY is the story of Inez Victor's discovery of self. Write an essay about this process, how it occurs, and what Inez discovers through it. What is she forced to sublimate and sacrifice in her marriage to Harry Victor? After the shattering events of the narrative, how does she find peace and satisfaction? In what way is Jack Lovett instrumental in making this transition occur?

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