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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Harry Victor describe Inez Victor's unhappiness in Chapter 9?

2. What does the Victor contingent believe Jack Lovett does for a living?

3. How does Jack Lovett's first wife describe his career to friends?

4. Which of the following Christians is Inez Victor's grandmother?

5. What appointment does Harry Victor turn down to run for President?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Inez listen to the radio all night at end of the chapter?

2. What rule of nonfiction does Didion demonstrate in this chapter, and how does she do so?

3. Describe the Paul Christian crime scene.

4. Why are the nuclear detonations in the Pacific more memorable than those in Nevada to Jack Lovett?

5. Why does Inez Victor lash out at Janet's doctors in Chapter 12?

6. What does Janet Ziegler recall in her final conversation with Inez Victor?

7. What seems ridiculous to Billy Dillon about his conversation with Dick Ziegler?

8. How are Jack Lovett and Inez Victor reunited in Chapter 11?

9. What is Didion doing in 1975?

10. What is Paul Christian's attitude regarding the shooting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Living beneath the surface of the narrative is the end of the Vietnam War. In the first half of the novel, Didion makes explicit mention of the Fall of Saigon. Write an essay about this historical moment becomes incredibly important both thematically and in terms of the narrative. Which characters are personally involved in the end of the war? How does defeat in Vietnam ripple through the lives of the characters in the novel and through the history it dramatizes?

Essay Topic 2

The narrative of DEMOCRACY is largely centered around a few brief, shattering actions. Write an essay about three such actions in the story. From what do they derive, and what does their occurrence indicate about the characters of the novel? What unexpected consequences result from them? How, in the end, are they all connected?

Part 1) The Paul Christian shootings.

Part 2) Jessie Victor's stow-away trip to Saigon.

Part 3) The fall of Saigon.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the Christian family. Using three members, discuss how they are outsiders to their traditional surroundings. How do they view the world of modern Hawaiian society? What are their business endeavors? To what extent are they always held remote from the rest of Hawaiian society? How does the local population view the Christian family?

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