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Objective: The first chapter of DEMOCRACY establishes an inherent juxtaposition that will be prevalent throughout the novel, the dichotomy of the emotionless violence perpetrated by men like Lovett and the desire for human love. The objective of this lesson is to examine this juxtaposition.

1. For class discussion: As a class, review the first chapter, and make two lists on the board: one should be a list of activities to which Lovett is connected and the other should be objects or memoirs of which he speaks wistfully. What does Lovett appear to do for a living? What does he seem to love about life?

2. Divide the class into several groups and have each group think of a character from a movie or television show whose business involves destruction and who is confounded by an emotional connection: Jason Bourne or Dexter would be good examples. How do these two...

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