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Architect of Vietnam

The Vietnam conflict is an open wound in the national psyche, and Democracy chronicles the thinking that went into the US's abandonment of the war. As a class, watch part of FOG OF WAR, Errol Morris' documentary about Robert McNamara in which he explains the mistakes he made in pursuing the war.

Lovett's Diary

Joan Didion pointedly avoids stating exactly what Jack Lovett is involved in, but she implies quite a bit. Choose one such implication, research the history behind the action, and write a page-long journal entry in Jack Lovett's voice detailing his involvement.

Who is Who?

Joan Didion's authoritative and informed style is the result of years of access to public figures. As such, the reader might reasonable believe that characters like Harry Victor, Dwight Christian, and Billy Dillon are based on real-world examples. Examine the specifics of these characters and discuss which...

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