Democracy Character Descriptions

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Betty Bennett - This character is Jack Lovett's second wife.

Carol Christian - This character comes to Hawaii as a bride and always feels like an outsider to the islands.

Dwight Christian - This character has a cliche quote ready for every occasion.

Paul Christian - This character goes mad and commits a well-publicized murder.

Ruthie Christian - This character busies herself arranging crackers as her niece is dying.

Sybil Christian - This character is the grandmother of the two major female characters in the novel.

Billy Dillon - This character coaches Inez Victor through every aspect of her public life.

Frances Landau - This character is an idealist political groupie.

Carla Lovett - This character insists to friends that her husband is a military officer.

Jack Lovett - This character dies suddenly in a swimming pool.

Narrator - This character is a fictionalized version of...

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