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Part 1: Chapter 1

• Jack Lovett and Inez Victor talk about nuclear tests in 1975.

Part 1: Chapter 2

• Didion explains her decision to write the book.

Part 1: Chapter 3

• Didion describes the Christian family.

• Didion reveals that Paul Christian murdered Wendell Omura.

• Didion reveals that Jack Lovett and Inez Victor were lovers.

Part 1: Chapter 4

• Didion recalls her first interaction with Jack Lovett.

Part 1: Chapters 5 and 6

• Didion describes Jack Lovett's secrecy.

• Didion recalls Inez dancing at the St. Regis.

Part 1: Chapter 7

• Didion reviews Harry Victor's career.

• Inez tells a reporter that memory is the worst casualty of public life.

Part 1: Chapter 8

• Inez is told to engage in art work rather than refugee assistance by Billy Dillon.

Part 1: Chapter 9

• Inez recalls Jessie's struggle with drugs.

Part 1: Chapter 10

• Janet gives a press interview in 1972.

Part 1: Chapter 11

• At Berkeley in 1975, Didion reads about the the turmoil in southeast Asia.

• Didion reads about the Christian family murders.

Part 1: Chapter 12

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