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Charles Alvin Beckwith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Delta Force: Chapter 2, Chapters 8 - 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What inspires the original Delta Force?
(a) The SAS.
(b) American organizational methods.
(c) The SAS and American organizational methods.
(d) It is not specified.

2. What year is it when Beckwith describes the bond he has with his men in Chapter 12?
(a) Late 1967.
(b) Early 1967,
(c) Late 1966.
(d) Early 1966.

3. What word does Beckwith use at the end of Chapter 12 to describe Delta Force?
(a) Indestructible.
(b) Incredible.
(c) Incomparable.
(d) Inspirational.

4. What does Carter admit about the plan?
(a) He wants to take this course of action.
(b) He will still try to look for another course of action.
(c) He does not understand this course of action.
(d) He does not want to take this course of action.

5. In Chapter 10, which place does Beckwith mention an argument about competing operations?
(a) Plei Me.
(b) La Drang.
(c) An Lao.
(d) Lang Vei.

Short Answer Questions

1. How well does the new Delta Force perform in Chapter 11?

2. How many full regiments of the North Vietnamese army surround Beckwith's unit in Chapter 10?

3. According to the colonel, what part of the plan has a tactical problem?

4. How many British SAS are there in the beginning of the book?

5. How does Beckwith find the Vietnam military compound at the beginning of Chapter 9?

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