Objects & Places from Delta Force

Charles Alvin Beckwith
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Fort Bragg

This is one of the most important locations in the book and is a place where a great deal of training and development takes place throughout the story.

Colt .45

This is the weapon that Charlie Beckwith wears late in the book.

Special Forces patch

This is mentioned once, as a symbol that is worn on the Special Forces uniforms.

The Stockade

This is the home of Delta Force, used as office and storage space for the counter terrorism unit.


This is a type of helicopter, and at the time, was the largest helicopter available to American military forces, carrying 30 people.


This is an aircraft that was used as part of the Iranian hostage rescue plan.

The Pentagon

This building is located in Washington, DC, and is where the most important military leaders have their offices, more specifically, The Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The White House

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