Delta Force Character Descriptions

Charles Alvin Beckwith
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This is the author of the book and a principle character in relation to its plot, which chronicles over twenty years of his life, and the development of Delta Force.

Jimmy Carter

This president surprisingly approves the military rescue effort.

Lieutenant Colonel Miley

This person appears as a Lt. Col. shortly after the author has returned to America, and has also spent time with the British, creating a common ground between them.

Peter Walter [British SAS CO]

This British person appears early in the book as the commanding officer of the 22 SAS, which is a British special forces group designed for use in counter terrorism.


This is a lance corporal SAS trooper. This person and another trooper that do not make their beds, and appear in the early part of the book. This person is Irish


This person and another trooper appear early in the...

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