Delta Force Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charles Alvin Beckwith
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Book 1, DELTA Force: Chapter 1, Prologue & Chapters 1 - 7

• A hostage situation calls Delta Force into action as the mission is introduced in the Prologue.
• The beginning chapters detail Beckwith's time with the British SAS, and the development of his After Action Report.
• Combining the best parts of the British and American training, Beckwith creates exercises based on the knowledge he has gained over the last year.

Book 1, Delta Force: Chapter 2, Chapters 8 - 12

• Beckwith is promoted to Major and his report is greeted with initial resistance from a supervisor, before being approved.
• In Vietnam, Beckwith's mission is to locate the enemy and report his findings.
• Beckwith thanks the Air Force for their protection during a battle and develops a strong bond with his soldiers.

Chapter 3, Chapters 13, 14, 15

• Several meetings lead to a mission in Bong Son, where Beckwith is shot on his way to the landing zone.
• After spending a number...

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